About Us: Remodeling | Construction | Interior & Exterior

Lotus Homes is owned and operated by Des Moines, Iowa native, Justin Clark. With 20 years of experience in carpentry, Justin has a proven reputation of top notch customer service and quality work.


Maybe you've purchased your dream project home. It's a bit of a fixer-upper. You know what you want to do with it, but how to get from point A to B is the question. Let Lotus Homes help you with remodeling your home!


Dealing with contractors and large construction crews can be costly. And the lack of attention to detail can cost you thousands down the road. Put your trust in us and we'll guarantee only the highest quality construction for your home or business.

Interior and Exterior

We aren't limited to just framing and construction. Lotus Homes offers a wide array of talent both indoors and out. Do you need a creative touch to your showroom? Or ideas for how to really make your home stand out? Let Lotus Homes impress you!